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A Boat on blue sea at Carantec

Sometimes, fear is the biggest hurdle we have to conquer, and this is never more true than me launching this website.  I tell anyone who will listen, that I dream of a life in France and more often than not the conversation turns to Brittany, for this is the land that captured my heart from the moment I first visited.

A land of stunning, varied landscapes and seascapes that both take your breath away, and wash over you like a wave of calm. The title of this website is a testament to this, and is born of the number of times I’ve said, ‘The colours of Brittany are amazing.’

I stand by this. It can be a day when the skies are dark and foreboding yet the rolling fields may shine like emeralds. It is a land that inspires me to write, paint and be outside. Even when the rain falls, I want to grab my camera and run to capture the ever-changing scenery that surrounds me. There is no other place where I feel like this, and I want to shout it loud from the rooftops, but the introvert in me taps my shoulder to whisper, ‘no, keep it a secret.’

The passion I have for Brittany complements my passion for art and writing, and these things harmonise here on Colours of Brittany. As I launch, I don’t know what lies ahead, but I am sure that this is an itch that I must scratch.

Each day as I wake, I’m drawn to share my memories and my knowledge of the place I love to visit. To be honest, I have only scratched the surface of Brittany as it is a large region. The good news is that I have plenty to explore and share in the years ahead. Sometimes, my mind wanders to Italy, Portugal and Spain but my heart will always be in France. Brittany is a feast for the eyes and the soul, and when I’m away I feel starved. I hope that as you peruse the pages of my website, you see Brittany through my eyes. Whether it’s a photo, words or a painting, I hope the beauty of Brittany shines through.

I plan to write more books, both for children and adults, which I am very much looking forward to. My daughter helps me with the children’s books, and in fact the setting for the ones we are working on is her idea. Inspired by frequent trips to the Bay of Morlaix and the magic we feel while we are there, Mystic Bay is the new home for our characters. In addition, in 2021 I will return to this part of Brittany to finish my second travel memoir. Are you coming too?

A Boat on blue sea at Carantec
Simplicity at Carantec, Brittany. (Also know as Mystic Bay!)

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